David Angeloff Travels to Tanzania with Lawyers Without Borders

Posted on July 10, 2017

Attorney David Angeloff traveled to Tanzania with Lawyers Without Borders, working with members of Tanzanian law enforcement and its judiciary to help the government more effectively investigate and prosecute poaching and other wildlife crimes.

Angeloff conducted interviews and training sessions that focused on investigating and diagnosing major gaps and opportunities within the Tanzanian legal process. They met, interviewed, and trained dozens of park rangers, judges, government officials, and other stakeholders on investigation and prosecution best practices.

Moreover, Angeloff visited remote ranger stations and Tanzanian courtrooms, and had meetings in United Nations Compounds discussing African governmental politics and training sessions.

“Wildlife crime is a critical issue in Tanzania. Even beyond the animals themselves it affects the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the Tanzanian people as a whole,” said Angeloff. “It was a privilege to provide support to the people that are fighting this fight every day. I am in awe of what I’ve been able to experience, it has been one of the most unique travel experiences of my lifetime.”

Take a look at pictures from the trip.