McNicholas & McNicholas Obtains $900K Settlement for LAPD Officer Facing Retaliation, Discrimination and Harassment

Posted on July 20, 2017

McNicholas & McNicholas obtained a $900,000 settlement on behalf of an LAPD officer who was retaliated against for refusing to put false information in a search warrant and subsequently reporting the incident to her lieutenant. Her work environment became so hostile that she had to request a transfer out of her division. Not only was her first transfer request denied, but even after she was granted a transfer, the harassment, discrimination and retaliation continued, which prevented her from obtaining assignments and promotions to which she was entitled, as well as being denied requests for sick days to care for a family member who had undergone surgery for Stage III cancer.

Additionally, nearly two years after initiating her complaint with the department, the officer was informed by Internal Affairs that the investigation into the allegations of misconduct still had not been resolved, and that all of the notes regarding the investigation had somehow been “erased.”