Daily Journal, Law360, Oroville Mercury Register and The Sacramento Bee Report on McNicholas & McNicholas’ Oroville Dam Class Action Lawsuit

Posted on October 10, 2017

As published in Daily Journal, Law360, Oroville Mercury Register, The Sacramento Bee and others, Partner Patrick McNicholas and Associate Nicholas Alexandroff filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the 188,000 Oroville residents who evacuated when the Oroville Dam emergency spillway failed earlier this year. The lawsuit argues that the Department of Water Resources did not perform adequate maintenance, leading to the failure of the dam. The department has received 481 claims to date, totaling in the billions of dollars.

“The goal of this suit is to make the people whole again who were part of the emergency evacuation, so they can be compensated for being dislodged, and to explore the loss of value to the property owners as a result of the failure of the spillway,” said McNicholas.

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