Matthew McNicholas Featured as Attorney of the Month by Attorney at Law Magazine

Posted on May 8, 2017

In his Attorney at Law Magazine Attorney of the Month feature, Partner Matthew McNicholas  discussed starting his career in law at the age of 14, what makes him a successful trial lawyer, and spending time with his family.

Growing up watching his father and siblings go to trial, it was clear to Matthew at a young age that he would become a trial lawyer as well. Today, as an advocate for victims of catastrophic injury, wrongful death, sexual assault and employment violations, Matthew fights for his clients to get the justice they deserve. “The types of trials I’m involved in can take a huge emotional toll on the people involved,” explained Matthew. “So, I tell my clients that trials are like chemotherapy — you do it because you have to, not because you want to. And you hope your life is better on the other side.”

For Matthew, intensive trial preparation is the key to success. “My trial preparation begins two to three weeks prior to trial by reviewing all the materials and preparing my examinations, which requires reading all depositions, analyzing all exhibits and annotating my exhibit books,” he added. “From there, I spend countless hours reviewing witness preparations, depositions and ultimately strategizing on building a strong and solid case.”

Outside the courtroom, Matthew is dedicated to his family. Although his busy schedule can be difficult to work around, Matthew’s wife understands the demands of his job: they met during their first year of law school, and she practiced law before she left to raise their three children. “Lawyer, husband, father, those are my three jobs,” said Matthew.

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