Los Angeles Struggles to Keep Up with Settling Numerous Lawsuits – CGTN America Interviews Matt McNicholas and Former Client Wayne Guillary

Posted on April 20, 2017

Los Angeles is currently looking to take out a $70 million loan to pay for the increasing number of lawsuits filed against it. In their interview with CGTN America “Los Angeles Struggles to Keep Up with Settling Numerous Lawsuits,” Partner Matthew McNicholas and former client Wayne Guillary discussed their experiences suing the City of Los Angeles.

In June 2016, Matt secured a $500,000 settlement on behalf of Guillary, a Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant, against the LAPD for discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Sergeant Guillary was subjected to retaliatory actions, including unfair disciplinary actions, after speaking out about racial issues and what he believed were unlawful practices.

“I knew that by bringing a lawsuit, our relationship would never be the same, I felt vindicated because here I stirred the hornets’ nest to stir the soul and conscience of the organization but at the same time I had to risk something for others,” said Wayne. “I had to risk myself to try to make things a little bit better for the next persons coming behind me regardless of race or sex.”

Matt, who currently has more than 40 separate cases pending against the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department, noted “You don’t let the situation of the bad actor dictate to the person who’s been aggrieved. If you did that, then no one would get sued.”

He added, “The question you should be asking is to the city officials – you run this corporation, why do you not weed out the bad conduct?”

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