Railroad and Mass Transit Accidents

With approximately 31.6 million passengers traveling on Amtrak in a year, accidents relating to human error and track defects account for more than two thirds of all train accidents. The Railroad Administration is working on improving safe travel for all passengers and are actively addressing the issues that cause train accidents.

Due to the volume of passengers and crew members involved in mass transit accidents, these types of cases are often complex and will need highly skilled legal representatives to scrutinize the incident and review all the pertaining documentation. Unlike typical motor vehicle accidents, multiple parties may be held liable for various portions of the accident. There are many factors to consider when dealing with railroad and mass transit accidents, including:

  • Road, highway and train rail conditions
  • Weather-related conditions
  • Crew member and driver or conductor conditions
  • Manufacturing conditions of the train, subway, bus or other mode of mass transit
  • Passenger conditions and volume
  • Cargo and property conditions

Due to negligence, intentional harm or a wrongful act of any of these possible factors, passengers are at an increased risk of an accident. McNicholas & McNicholas has been assisting mass transit accident victims for more than 20 years.

It is important to begin investigation right away when a mass transit or railroad incident occurs. State and federal government entities will have their own team of investigators, but you will need your own skilled professionals if you are the victim of a mass transit accident. The experienced catastrophic injury attorneys of McNicholas & McNicholas work with a team of mass transit experts, investigators and safety inspectors to ensure you get the accurate, timely and professional assistance you need. If you or a loved one has been involved in a catastrophic train, bus, subway or mass transit accident, contact our office today at 866.664.3055.