15-year LAPD veteran and former marine injured his knee at a training division.

Amount: $1,500,000

Jeffrey Shoemaker, a 15-year veteran with the Los Angeles Police Department and a former marine, injured his knee at training division where he was assigned as a firearm’s instructor. Approximately two months after undergoing surgery, he received a call from his Lieutenant demanding he return to work and threatening to transfer Mr. Shoemaker out of the Division if he did not. Despite the recommended six-months of recovery from his doctor, he returned to work and advised his supervisors of his restrictions. However, in order to keep his job, Mr. Shoemaker was forced to work in a physically demanding position. Over the course of several months, the LAPD refused to accommodate him, causing further damage to the knee requiring another surgery. McNicholas & McNicholas obtained a $1,500,000 settlement.