Lead-based Paint Hazards

Amount: $10,000,000

The family of a four-year-old boy noticed chipped and peeling paint throughout the exterior and interior of their property, which was readily visible to Caltrans property inspectors starting in 2009. The family also reported the deteriorating paint in 2011. Despite the obvious deteriorating conditions at this older home, Caltrans decided to treat the matter as cosmetic and therefore did not warrant budget for repair. Even after a test for lead was purchased by the family and turned out positive, no action was taken by Caltrans. The agency was soon thereafter cited by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health in 2012 when a blood test revealed that their four-year-old boy was lead poisoned, but it took the agency another five months to begin the lead abatement. The child had been exposed to lead-based paint hazards at the property since his infancy. By the time he was 16 months old, he could no longer form words due to permanent neurological damage and will require extensive care for the rest of his life costing millions of dollars. McNicholas & McNicholas obtained a $10 million settlement.