Some of Our Past Successes

[eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Aviation”]
  • $44M – Air crash victims at Long Beach airport in California
  • $8MPregnant mother falls from commuter plane’s air stairs
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Sexual Abuse/Harassment”]
  • $30M – Represented eight children and families of sexual abuse scandal at Miramonte Elementary School
  • $10.8M – Teen Boy sexually abused by teacher
  • $2.3M – Verdict in favor of female Los Angeles Police Department officer who was subjected to sexual harassment, causing pre-term labor that led to the loss of her child at 23 weeks
  • $2.2M – Represented 16-year-old special needs student against LAUSD for being sexually assaulted in a school bathroom by another special needs student
  • $1.8M – Female motorist was forced to have sexual intercourse with a uniformed peace officer who threatened legal recourse against her if refused
  • $1.7M – Verdict in a sexual harassment case against plaintiff’s employer
  • $1.25M – Represented woman who was sexually harassed by real estate developer
  • 160K – Gender discrimination sexual harassment
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Wrongful Death”]
  • $16M – Wrongful death from an auto accident
  • $6.5M – Father crushed while working in subway tunnel
  • $8.8M – Father of four children fatally shot by police
  • $5.7M – Two working mothers struck by corporate van
  • $5M – Death of a passenger on commuter train
  • $1.25M – Death of 88-year-old woman by Department of Correction Bus while crossing the street
  • $3.297M – Death of decedent in a loading dock by an 18-wheel truck
  • $5M – Represented family of victim who was killed in a motor vehicle accident
  • $1.4M – Settlement for father of a 9-year-old boy ejected and killed in a motor vehicle accident while not wearing a seatbelt
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Catastrophic Injury”]
  • $10M – Construction worker suffered compound femur fracture, which required further surgery
  • $6M – 55-year-old motorcyclist who was struck by a vehicle making an illegal U-turn resulting in quadriplegia
  • $2.25M – 34-year-old man rendered quadriplegic during an outdoor basketball game
  • $1.75M – Jury verdict in favor of passengers injured in an elevator crash
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Employment and Civil Rights Cases”]
  • $32M – Severance package for client leaving job and moving to new employment
  • $12.3M – Five trainees forced out of Los Angeles Police Department after suffering injuries at the academy
  • $5.9M – 10 Los Angeles Police Department motor officers claimed they were retaliated against for refusing to follow a ticket quota
  • $5.34M – Obtained verdict in favor of first African-American member of Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad for harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • $3.99M – Los Angeles Police Department veteran fired in retaliation for testifying in a Fair Labor Standards trial
  • $3.6M – Los Angeles Police Department K9 Bomb Unit dog handler retaliated against for standing up for the lone female in the Unit who was harassed and discriminated against
  • $3.59M – Japanese-American officer recovered against Los Angeles Police Department K9 Unit for harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • $2.3M – Obtained verdict in favor of a female officer denied a position on elite police squad; Found all male SWAR team of Los Angeles Police Department liable for gender discrimination
  • $2.25M – Three female employees within the same unit of the Los Angeles Police Department recovered for discriminatory and retaliatory actions
  • $1.5M – 15-year LAPD veteran and former marine injured his knee at a training division
  • $1.5M – Settlement for employee in whistleblower action against school district
  • $1.1M – 20-year LAPD veteran in a racial discrimination case
  • $670K – An LAPD officer who claimed that the LAPD fired him in retailiation for testifying in a Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuit brought by a fellow officer
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Class Actions”]
  • $300M – Class action settlement on behalf of consumers against Epson America, Inc.
  • $41M – Consumer fraud
  • 3.3M – Obtained verdict against owners of Mexican hotel chain for breach in exclusive booking contract
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Spinal/Brain/Burn/Birth Injuries”]
  • $9M – 26-year-old suffered brain injury as the passenger of a single-vehicle accident
  • $5.1M – Represented truck driver against two entities that repaired a portion of his truck that didn’t operate properly causing head injury
  • $2.6M – Represented truck driver against two entities that repaired a portion of his truck that didn’t operate properly causing head injury
  • $1M – Represented truck driver who sustained a head injury; McNicholas & McNicholas took over from previous lawyer after summary judgment was granted against plaintiff
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Construction Accidents”]
  • $1.15M – Settlement for laborer injured when gantry crane ran over his right thigh while on a job site as a temporary laborer
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Slumlord Cases”]
  • $10M – Settlement on behalf of a child who suffered permanent brain damage after exposure to lead-based paint at Caltrans property
  • $8M – Represented 27 tenants against landlord for lack of habitability and nuisance, as well as mold related injuries
  • $1.25M – Settlement for 30 tenants recovered against their landlord for breach of the implied covenant of habitability and nuisance
  • $1M – Settlement for tenant burned by overheated water while showering
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Products Liability”]
  • $3.15M – Settlement for farm laborers exposed to a soil fumigant during a single application causing acute symptoms
  • $1.55M – Settlement for 28-year-old single mother who sustained acute liver damage and liver transplantations after using an over the counter dietary supplement
  • $1.3M – Settlement for agricultural worker exposed to fumigant overspray which caused immuno-suppression thereby allowing a fungal repertory infection to occur
[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion] [eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Railroad and Mass Transit Accident”]
  • $3M – Result from a derailment injuring an employee