Wildfire & Mudslide Natural Disaster Recovery

When electricity, natural gas and water companies fail to meet the standards required of public utilities, they can put thousands of people at risk of disasters, such as wildfires, gas leaks and floods.

Ongoing Matters

If you or a loved one has been affected by a disaster caused by a public utility accident, contact McNicholas & McNicholas now. We currently represent:

  • Families who suffered severe health issues from the 2015 SoCalGas leak in Porter Ranch.
  • Consumers who were injured by Mercedes-Benz car seat warmers that caught on fire.
  • Residents who were forced to evacuate when the Oroville spillway, the tallest dam in the U.S., began to fail.
  • Residents who lost their homes and/or loved ones in the Wine Country wildfires, including the Tubbs, Pocket, Atlas, Nuns and Patrick Fires.

Over $1B in Results and Counting

  • $300M settlement
    Represented consumers in a class action lawsuit against Epson for selling faulty printer parts.
  • $46M award
    Represented plaintiffs in a significant consumer fraud lawsuit.
  • $44M award
    Represented victims who were injured in an air crash at Long Beach Airport.
  • $40M award
    Represented the plaintiff in a separation of executive case.