Courtney McNicholas Named Among Daily Journal’s 2022 Top Women Lawyers

Daily Journal recognized Senior Lawyer Courtney McNicholas on its 2022 list of Top Women Lawyers in California for her work representing Los Angeles police officers, sheriff’s deputies and firefighters who have faced harassment, discrimination, and retaliation while on the job. This year marks Courtney’s fourth time being selected to the list.

Courtney was noted for her caseload, including representing a Los Angeles K-9 handler and police officer in a complaint alleging his supervisors made offensive comments about his Samoan ethnicity. When he reported the slurs, his K-9 supervisors allegedly retaliated by kicking him out of the unit, taking his police dog and demoting him to desk duty. The case Sauvao v. City of Los Angeles, et al awaits a potential July 2022 jury trial.

“I love a good challenge,” Courtney told Daily Journal. “The most difficult challenges are also the most rewarding when you pour your heart and soul into it. Being a female trial attorney is a rare breed. You can’t back down.”

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