Daily Journal Interviews Matthew McNicholas on Impact of O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial in Court Proceedings

The O.J. Simpson murder case stands out as one of the first high-profile trials to grant the public unprecedented access into courtroom proceedings. In an interview with Daily Journal, Partner Matthew McNicholas explained how the fixation on the trial attorneys’ every move was a less welcome development of the case. McNicholas explained that it’s hard to imagine, even to this day, the pressure cooker that the case was for both the prosecution and defense. “Every word they said, every shirt and tie they wore, every gesture was scrutinized,” he said.

Another key example of the scrutiny placed on the attorneys was the public’s reaction to prosecutor Marcia Clark’s change of hairstyle during the trial. “I can’t imagine if my opposing counsel was female and she left the courtroom on a Friday with curly hair and came back with straight hair, and that people would gasp in the courtroom and the judge would say something,” he commented.

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