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Traumatic amputation injuries change lives forever. There’s no hiding an amputation. Amputees need surgery to preserve as much of their limbs as possible so they can be fitted with a prosthesis. The mental challenges of living with a missing arm or leg can be just as challenging as the physical challenges. Whether the traumatic amputation occurred in a car accident, in the workplace, because of preventable medical negligence, or because of any other form of negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses.

McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP knows what it takes to hold parties accountable for amputation injuries caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. For more than three decades, our Los Angeles law firm has successfully represented clients who have sustained catastrophic, life-altering limb loss injuries. We’ve helped amputees obtain the financial compensation victims and their families need to restore stability and quality of life. If you or someone you care about has been injured because of negligence, schedule a free consultation today to discuss your case and learn about your legal options.

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What is a traumatic amputation injury?

According to the Amputation Coalition, nearly 1.9 million people in the US are living with limb loss. About 45% of those people lost their limb in a traumatic accident. The others lost their limb due to diseases.

There are many factors that determine how amputation surgery is conducted, including the body part that is affected, the reason for the amputation, and the amount of tissue and bone damage. For example, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, removing an arm or leg requires “skill in handling and stabilizing all the different tissues of the body part including skin, blood vessels, muscles, nerves, tendons, and bone.” A finger amputation is a more intricate procedure that requires “working with skin, tendons, and nerves to allow fine motor function and optimal use of the hand.” Some accident victims may need multiple surgeries.

What are the causes of amputation injuries?

Some of the most common causes of accidental or traumatic amputation injuries include:

If you suffered the loss of a limb in a motor vehicle accident, it is referred to as traumatic limb loss or traumatic amputation.

When does medical malpractice cause amputation injuries?

Amputating the wrong limb because of medical negligence is not a common error, but it is one that sadly occurs, nonetheless. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) calls these egregious medical errors "never events" because they are never supposed to happen.

Amputating the wrong limb is classified as a "sentinel event," which the Joint Commission defines as "an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physiological or psychological injury, or the risk thereof." The AHRQ reports that wrong site, wrong patient, or wrong procedure errors occur approximately once in 112,000 surgical procedures. While the numbers show this is an unlikely event, when it is your perfectly healthy leg that was taken by mistake, those statistics offer you no solace whatsoever.

Our trusted Los Angeles amputation injury lawyers are here to fight for the fair compensation you deserve when your life has been devastated by the trauma of losing a limb.

What type of medical care do amputees need?

Medical care for amputations in Los Angeles is quite complicated and extensive. There are different stages of care and different care providers who help amputees regain as much function and as much confidence as possible. These stages include:

  • The initial surgery
  • Wound care after the surgery
  • Addressing phantom pain and phantom limb loss that most amputees experience
  • Fall risk management
  • Pain management
  • Preparation of the limb for a prosthetic, prosthetic design, and assisting the accident victim in the use of the prosthetic
  • Psychological help to cope with the loss of a limb

Common care providers for amputation victims in Los Angeles include:

  • The surgical team
  • A rehabilitation doctor
  • A physical therapist
  • A prosthetist who designs the prosthesis
  • The physical therapist
  • An occupational therapist
  • A psychological therapist

We work with your doctors to fully understand the severity of your amputation, the lifetime of medical care you will need, and all the ways your amputation is affecting your ability to work, function, and enjoy your life.

Who is responsible for a traumatic amputation injury in Los Angeles?

Even if there is no doubt about what caused your amputation injury, you will still require the services of an experienced Los Angeles amputation injury lawyer. Beyond investigating the cause of injury, we seek to discover all the parties who can be held liable for your injuries, and we gather the evidence needed to prove your case.

McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP also protects your right to receive fair compensation for your injuries. The insurance companies for the at-fault parties will do everything they can to make sure you recover as little money as possible for your injuries. As your advocate, we negotiate for the most favorable settlement, or we will take the case to trial if necessary.

Our Los Angeles traumatic amputation lawyers file claims against all the defendants who caused your injuries. Depending on how the accident occurred, the defendants may include

What is the value of my limb loss injury claim?

Because of the complex nature of amputation cases, it is difficult to estimate how much each claim might be worth. While we cannot guarantee a particular verdict or settlement, we promise to aggressively pursue your case, working to ensure that you receive the maximum monetary recovery for your injuries and related medical expenses and all other damages – for the rest of your life.

If your amputation injury case is tried in court, the judge will direct the jury to consider many factors when coming up with the amount of money you as the plaintiff should receive if it’s determined the defendant's negligence was the cause of your injury. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers seek compensation for all your current and future damages including:

  • All medical expenses including surgery, physical therapy, psychological care, prosthetics, assistive devices, and other medical expenses
  • Lost income for as long as you cannot work, and disability income if you can never fully return to work
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Loss of function of your limb
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Any property damage
  • Other damages

What if I cannot afford to hire a lawyer for my amputation case?

At McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP, our Los Angeles amputation injury lawyers accept injury cases on contingency, which means that instead of paying a retainer fee upfront, you do not pay any attorney fees until we recover compensation for you. We advance the initial costs of pursuing your case, which allows you to have trusted representation without worrying about how you will be able to afford it.

Our firm also offers a free case review in which you can meet with our legal team, discuss your case and receive sound legal advice about how you might proceed with your injury claim.

Do you have a traumatic amputation injury lawyer near me?

The law office of McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP is located at 10866 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1400.

We do meet clients at their homes or a healthcare facility when necessary. We also conduct online video consultations.

We understand how traumatic the loss of a limb is. Our experienced personal injury lawyers fight to obtain all the compensation you deserve.

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If you sustained an amputation injury due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, the trusted Los Angeles attorneys at McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP will help you pursue the financial security you deserve. Our amputation injury lawyers are ready to advocate for you. We have a strong record of successfully settling claims and trying claims in court. To assert your rights, call us or complete our contact form today to discuss your legal rights. Our office is located in Westwood.

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