LAPD Officers Vindicated with Judgments by the City of Los Angeles Over “Blue Flu” Accusations

As profiled by The Los Angeles Times, McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP obtained judgments from the City of Los Angeles on behalf of four LAPD officers who were wrongly accused of being part of a so-called “blue flu” sickout during the July 4, 2020 weekend and were illegally disciplined. The Department violated multiple sections of the Labor Code, which are strict liability under the Kin Care Act, and their internal policies on the subject.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Courtney McNicholas, an attorney for officers Diego Aguilar, Ryan Putnam, Luis Rodarte and Meggan Stroup, said the judgments vindicated her clients and provided them with professional security moving forward. Matthew McNicholas, lead attorney for the officers, said such action items are linked to various misconduct databases within the LAPD and can follow an officer throughout their career, preventing promotions and in some cases even leading to demotions and loss of income.

The presumed sickout came after a period in which officers dealt with protests in May over the death of George Floyd and the Los Angeles City Council’s slashing of $150 million from the police budget, as well as the diversion of funds for other purposes in the wake of demands for changes in policing.