Lawsuit Filed Against Redondo Beach Police Department for Gender and Pregnancy Discrimination

As published by The Washington Post and Daily Mail, McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP filed a lawsuit against the Redondo Beach Police Department for gender and pregnancy discrimination, harassment and retaliation on behalf of Daryn Glenn, the city’s first Black female K-9 handler. In October 2021, Officer Glenn became pregnant and advised her supervisors. That same day, she was removed from her patrol assignment, forbidden from attending further K-9 training and ordered to turn over her dog.

Glenn was advised by a supervisor that it is department policy to remove female officers from patrol for safety reasons once they get pregnant and that the department does not have maternity uniforms for officers. When she addressed the issue with her union, the president allegedly replied, “If you want to stay in [the] canine unit, I can push you down the stairs or kick you in the stomach.”

The lawsuit is ongoing.