Road Design

With the extensive infrastructure that connects small-town roads to the heavily traveled highways that are growing and expanding daily throughout the U.S., it is important for passageways to remain safe. Bikers, pedestrians, motorcycles, motor vehicles and large trucks all share the same space on these well traveled and sometimes highly congested roads and highways, and we understand how dangerous large potholes, tight curves, sudden dips, unmarked terrain and other road hazards can be. When the layout of the road itself presents danger and the roadway is not maintained adequately, municipalities may be held liable for any injuries sustained by travelers.

Defective roadway design and poor maintenance can become extremely hazardous, creating unsafe, unpredictable and dangerous conditions for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists that share the road. When government agencies and municipalities fail to trim trees, fill potholes, install and maintain traffic lights, remove objects of obstruction, maintain warning signs or provide other adequate safety protocol, they may be held accountable for anyone who suffers from a catastrophic injury or even wrongful death due to this negligence.

According to reports from the U.S. Department of Transportation, about 75% of accidents related to weather and poor roadway conditions are caused by some type of poor road design, failure of signs, signal malfunctions, random debris or unkept roadway. It is the responsibility of the municipality to address a pattern of accidents and manage the roadways in order to ensure the safety of all passengers.

Poor road design and failure to maintain safe road conditions can lead to some types of severe injuries and wrongful death that may result in:

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