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In the aftermath of a traumatic event like a bus accident, handling the legal process while trying to recover physically, emotionally, and financially can be overwhelming. At McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP, our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers offer compassionate support and aggressive legal advocacy to ensure that you secure the compensation and justice you deserve.

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How common are bus accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports the following regarding bus accidents across the country:

  • In 2021, 5,904 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes. This is an 18% increase from 2020.
  • “On average, from 2010 to 2021, intercity buses accounted for 11 percent, and school buses and transit buses accounted for 37 percent and 36 percent, respectively, of all buses involved in fatal crashes.”
  • 80 school buses, 17 intercity buses, and 78 transit buses were involved in fatal crashes in 2021.
  • Between 2020 and 2021, the number of buses involved in fatal crashes increased from 164 to 204.

What are the regulations for bus drivers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), bus drivers must possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL). “They also need a good driving record and must meet physical, hearing, and vision requirements. In addition, bus drivers typically need a high school diploma or the equivalent and may be required to pass a background check.”

The BLS also notes that there are about 76,400 job openings for bus drivers every year, due to people moving to different jobs or retiring.

How do you prove negligence in a Los Angeles bus accident?

Proving negligence in a bus accident typically involves demonstrating that the bus driver or another party involved failed to exercise reasonable care, which directly resulted in the accident and your subsequent injuries or damages. Here are some general considerations involved in proving negligence in a bus accident:

  • Duty of care: The first step is to establish that the bus driver or the bus company owed a duty of care to the passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road. This duty requires the bus operator to drive safely and follow traffic laws.
  • Breach of duty: The next step is to show that the bus driver or another party breached the duty of care owed to others. This could involve reckless driving, speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted driving (like texting while driving), or other forms of negligent behavior.
  • Causation: Your attorney must demonstrate that the breach of duty directly caused the accident and your resulting injuries or damages. This may involve collecting evidence such as witness statements, police reports, surveillance footage, and expert testimony. Our attorneys help with this.
  • Damages: Finally, it must be proven that the accident caused you measurable damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other related losses. Our attorneys work to determine the extent of your damages and pursue maximum compensation.

To prove negligence in a bus accident, the following types of evidence may be useful:

  • Eyewitness testimony: Statements from passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers who witnessed the accident can provide valuable insight into what happened.
  • Police reports: Official reports filed by law enforcement officers who responded to the accident scene often include important details about the circumstances of the accident.
  • Surveillance footage: Video footage from nearby surveillance cameras or onboard cameras in the bus can help reconstruct the sequence of events leading up to the accident.
  • Accident reconstruction: Analysis and reconstruction of the accident based on physical evidence, skid marks, damage patterns, and other factors can help determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault.
  • Driver records: Records of the bus driver's driving history, including any past traffic violations, accidents, or disciplinary actions, can be relevant in assessing the driver's behavior and competence.
  • Maintenance records: Records documenting the maintenance history of the bus can help determine if mechanical failure or poor maintenance contributed to the accident.
  • Expert witness testimony: Testimony from accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, and other experts can provide insight into the cause of the accident and the extent of the injuries or damages.

Our experienced Los Angeles bus accident lawyers can help gather evidence, prove negligence, and hold the right people accountable for your injuries and losses.

Who can be sued after a Los Angeles bus accident?

In the event of a bus accident, several parties might be held liable depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Here are some potential parties that could be sued after a Los Angeles bus accident:

  • Bus driver: If the accident was caused by the negligence or recklessness of the bus driver, they could be held personally liable.
  • Bus company: The company that operates the bus could also be held liable if the accident resulted from inadequate training, negligent hiring practices, failure to maintain the bus properly, or other acts of negligence on the part of the company.
  • Bus manufacturer: If the accident was caused by a defect in the bus itself, such as faulty brakes or steering, the manufacturer of the bus or its components could be held liable for your damages.
  • Government entity: In cases involving public buses or buses operated by government entities, such as municipal transit systems, you only have six months in which to file a claim. This includes the LA Metro, operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. However, it's still possible to file a lawsuit against a government agency if they were negligent in maintaining the roads, traffic signals, or other infrastructure that contributed to the accident. Our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers can explain more about this in a consultation.
  • Other drivers: If the accident involved multiple vehicles and another driver's negligence contributed to the crash, you might be able to sue that driver as well.

Determining liability in a bus accident can be complicated and requires a thorough investigation. Consult with the Los Angeles bus accident lawyers at McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP to understand your rights and options for seeking compensation.

What factors lead to bus accidents in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is known for its heavy traffic congestion, which can increase the likelihood of accidents involving buses. Other issues and factors that can lead to bus accidents include:

  • Driver error: Bus accidents can occur due to driver error, including speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, fatigue, and failure to obey traffic laws.
  • Poor weather conditions: Inclement weather, such as heavy rain or fog, can reduce visibility and make road surfaces slippery, increasing the risk of accidents involving buses.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist activity: With a high volume of pedestrians and cyclists in Los Angeles, bus accidents involving these vulnerable road users can happen due to failure to yield, improper turning, or other factors.
  • Vehicle maintenance issues: Poor maintenance of buses, including faulty brakes, worn tires, and malfunctioning mechanical components, can contribute to accidents.
  • Inadequate training: Insufficient training for bus drivers, particularly regarding handling large vehicles in urban environments, can increase the risk of accidents.
  • Road design and infrastructure: Improper road design, such as inadequate signage, poorly marked lanes, or hazardous intersections, can contribute to bus accidents.
  • Driver fatigue: Long hours and demanding schedules can lead to driver fatigue, impairing a bus driver's ability to operate the vehicle safely and increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Intoxication: Bus accidents can also occur due to drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers help you seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

What is the value of my Los Angeles bus accident?

Here are some key elements that will typically influence the value of your bus accident claim:

  • Medical expenses: This includes current and anticipated medical costs related to the treatment of your injuries, such as hospital bills, surgeries, rehabilitation, prescription medications, and ongoing medical care.
  • Lost wages and income: If your injuries from the bus accident resulted in missed work or reduced earning capacity, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and income.
  • Pain and suffering: Non-economic damages, including physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life, also factor into the value of a bus accident claim.
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement: If the injuries sustained in the bus accident resulted in permanent disability or disfigurement, you may be entitled to additional compensation for long-term impairment and associated hardships.

In the event of a fatal bus accident, survivors can seek compensation for burial and funeral costs. You can also make a claim for pain and suffering on behalf of the deceased.

It's important to consult with our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles who can evaluate the specifics of your case, assess the damages, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and help you pursue fair compensation for your losses. Keep in mind that every case is unique, and the value of your bus accident claim will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the accident and the extent of your damages.

What bus companies serve Los Angeles?

  • Metro
  • Burbank Bus
  • Culver City Bus
  • Topanga Beach Bus
  • LA Department of Transportation
  • West Hollywood CityLine Shuttle
  • Torrance Transit
  • Simi Valley Transit
  • Beach Cities Transit

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