Speeding Is a Leading Cause for Fatalities on Busy Highways and Local Roadways

Speeding Is a Leading Cause of Death in AccidentsFatalities occur on the highways and local roads of Los Angeles for a variety of reasons. In fact, officers, researchers, and government agencies have found that one of the most common reasons for these deaths is speeding.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding was the cause of 29 percent of all traffic-related deaths across the United States in 2021. This was an eight percent increase from 2020 and was also the highest number of speed-related fatalities that the United States has seen in 14 years. Specifically,  California was the second state with the highest number of speeding fatalities (1,509), and speeding accounted for 35 percent of California’s total traffic fatalities.

To make matters worse, speeding is one of the most preventable negligent behaviors that motorists can make. It is a choice that is not only careless and reckless, but it also causes thousands of traffic-related deaths every single year.

Recent speeding accidents and fatalities in and near Los Angeles, CA

Here are a few of the most recent speeding accidents in the Los Angeles area that resulted in catastrophic injuries, as well as fatalities:

  • August 2023: A 22-year-old pregnant woman died in a fiery collision in San Bernardino. The other driver ran a red light and hit her vehicle.
  • July 2023: Two vehicles were involved in a collision that resulted from speeding in the Woodland Hills area. Four people were trapped inside of their cars. They were all transported to the nearest hospital and listed in critical condition.
  • July 2023: A pedestrian was killed by a teenage driver who ran a red light in an attempt to flee from police.
  • June 2023: Four people died in a single-car crash on the 110 in South LA. Per ABC News, officials “couldn’t confirm if racing was involved, but did say speed was a factor.”
  • February 2023: A driver was speeding in San Fernando Valley. The driver ran a red light and rear-ended another vehicle. Both drivers died in the crash.
  • September 2022: A driver was speeding in the Windsor Hills neighborhood. She ran a red light and slammed into the back of multiple vehicles before coming to a stop. The speeding car caused one vehicle’s top to be completely torn off, while other vehicles caught on fire. The driver now faces six counts of murder as six people died in the accident.

What other consequences can speeding have?

Other than breaking the law and receiving fines, there are several other consequences for speeding.. The following are the consequences of speeding that the NHTSA believes you should be aware of:

  • You can lose control of your vehicle.
  • The protective equipment inside your vehicle to keep you and your passengers safe may not be effective. This includes seat belts and air bags.
  • It will take longer to stop or slow down.
  • The damage to your car and body may be significant. As a result, your medical and mechanic bills can be very expensive.
  • The impact from the speeding crash may lead to very severe and catastrophic injuries.

Speeding causes some of the most horrific injuries

When a driver makes the decision to speed, they are putting themselves, their passengers, and others at risk of severe and fatal injuries. If individuals involved in a high-speed collision  survive, they will likely face an extremely challenging recovery process. In fact, most will never have the same quality of life that they had before the accident occurred. Some of the most horrific injuries that speeding accidents can cause include:

  • Amputations: An amputation occurs when the impact of a crash causes one of your body parts to be severed.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: When you hit your head on an object within the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, or even the windshield, there is a good chance that you will suffer a traumatic brain injury. These types of injuries can cause tissues within your brain to bleed, tear, or become permanently damaged, which can lead to long-term complications or even death.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can affect the human body in various ways. Depending on where the injury is located, a person may suffer from paralysis as well as other severe complications, such as breathing problems, high blood pressure, fevers, chronic pain, and more.
  • Internal organ damage and bleeding: The impact of a speeding car accident can lead to internal bleeding and organ damage. For example, accidents sometimes result in punctured lungs, ruptured or damaged organs, internal bleeding, and more. If a person is experiencing any internal organ damage or bleeding, they must be transported to a nearby hospital immediately. Every second is crucial when it comes to these types of injuries, and there is a high chance of death.
  • Crush injuries: Crush injuries are very serious. When the human body is crushed, there will likely be abdominal injuries, chest injuries, internal bleeding, and more. These types of injuries frequently happen when a speeding crash causes two or more vehicles to collide, causing certain parts of the vehicle to crush the victim.

Car accidents due to speeding can be tragic and devastating. You may have suffered severe, life-threatening injuries, or know someone that has. Regardless of the circumstances, the attorneys at McNicholas & McNicholas are here to guide you through the legal process. Whether you are grieving a loss or recovering from your injuries, you should never have to go through this alone. We will handle the ins and outs of your case, while you focus on your recovery. Call our office or submit our contact form to schedule your virtual case evaluation today.

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