Sun-Maid Growers of California Facing Wage and Hour Lawsuit

Sun-Maid Growers of California Facing Wage and Hour LawsuitA lawsuit filed against the Sun-Maid fruit processing company on February 15 claims that the company failed to provide proper wages, overtime, meal and rest breaks to employees at its California plant. The class action complaint, filed by plaintiff and former employee Victor Velasquez, claims that he and other employees were required to work off the clock and denied overtime pay.

According to the complaint:

Specifically, Sun-Maid required Velasquez to work while clocked out during what was supposed to be his off-duty meal break. Velasquez was from time to time interrupted by work assignments. Indeed, there were many days where Velasquez did not even receive a partial lunch. As a result, Velasquez and other employees forfeited minimum wage and overtime compensation by regularly working without their time being accurately recorded and without compensation at the applicable minimum wage and overtime rates.

The lawsuit also alleges that Sun-Maid failed to reimburse employees for business expenses, particularly for mandated use of personal cell phones for business purposes.

The basis of the complaint alleges that the company pays employees in two components. The first is a base hourly wage, and the second is an incentive wage based on performance requirements. However, according to the lawsuit, Sun-Maid “failed to include the incentive compensation as part of the employees’ ‘regular rate of pay’ for purposes of calculating overtime pay.”

“Sun-Maid systematically failed to correctly calculate and record overtime compensation for overtime worked by the class members, even though the company enjoyed the benefit of this work, required employees to perform this work and permitted this overtime work,” the complaint continued.

The class action suit seeks compensation for losses, a ruling barring such behavior in the future, pre- and post-judgement interest, penalties, costs and attorney fees.

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