What Is the Difference between a TBI and a Concussion?

Traumatic Brain Injuries and ConcussionsAn injury sustained in the brain can result in long-term, serious health complications. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are usually initiated by physical trauma that also causes unconsciousness. A slightly less severe form of brain injury is a concussion. The symptoms of a concussion can take years to manifest and plague an individual’s health and well-being for many years following the injury.

In evaluating a brain injury, it is important to understand the distinctions between TBIs, mTBIs, and concussions. Here is a brief rundown of these differences:

Traumatic brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury occurs as a result of a dramatic physical trauma. These brain injuries often occur during a serious car accident or a severe impact to the head from a fall. With traumatic brain injuries, unconsciousness often occurs for 30 minutes, occasionally followed by amnesia, nausea, and other neurological symptoms.


When a concussion happens, victims may not necessarily experience a traumatic event. In fact, the individual with a concussion may not even realize he or she has sustained an injury.

When a concussion results in side effects that persist for many days, weeks or more, the personal injury may be recategorized as a mild traumatic brain injury. Multiple subsequent concussions – for instance those that may occur while participating in football or other contact sports – can significantly increase the risk of experiencing more serious side effects and long-term health complications.

Concussions are not always easy to diagnose and treat due to their somewhat unpredictable characteristics. Even though the victim of a concussion may not feel any prolonged discomfort or lingering pain after the initial event, it is still necessary to take proper precautions. This includes avoiding unnecessary risky situations or behaviors that could cause a subsequent head injury, and taking immediate action if you suspect you may have experienced a concussion or TBI.

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