Chest Injuries from Car Accidents

Chest Injuries from Car AccidentsInjuries to the chest can be more common than we think. Chest injuries can happen even in low-speed accidents. Injuries to the chest area from a motor vehicle accident can include:

  • Bruised or fractured ribs. Injuries to the ribs, especially broken ribs, are typically immediately noticeable, as they cause a great deal of pain. Bruised ribs usually feel like a dull, aching pain. Fractured or broken rib pain feels sharper and shooting. You may feel more pain when breathing in, as deep breathing causes the ribcage to expand. If you believe you have fractured your rib, get medical attention as soon as possible, as you run the risk of puncturing a vital organ.
  • Bruised or punctured lungs. Trauma to the chest can cause bruised lungs, which in turn can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing. Punctured lungs are a life-threatening condition and require immediate medical intervention.
  • Contusion to the heart. You may feel chest pain after an accident, due to rib injuries or slamming your chest against the dashboard, steering wheel, or other object. If these chest pains are intermittent or causing discomfort, see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Internal organ injuries. Serious car accidents can cause severe injuries, including injuries to the chest. After a bad accident, get medical attention to check for internal injury.
  • Muscle and tissue injuries. Typically in a car accident, occupants involuntarily tense up in reaction to sudden impacts, which results in muscle pulls and strains. Symptoms of pulled or torn muscles are sharp pains when trying to use those muscles, or a feeling of tightness or stiffness.

The initial adrenaline from an accident may trick you into thinking you do not have any injuries. However, in a few hours or days these injuries may begin to symptomize and some damage may be irreversible. If you are experiencing any symptoms after an accident – like headaches, fatigue or shortness of breath – you may have sustained a serious injury. It is always important to seek immediate medical attention after an accident for the best chance at a full recovery – your health is always priority one.

If you suffered an injury to the chest as a result of a car accident, we can help you seek compensation for your losses and hold the right parties accountable. It is important to act quickly to get you on the road to recovery. To schedule your free case evaluation with an experienced Los Angeles attorney at McNicholas & McNicholas, call 310-474-1582, or reach out to us through our contact page to tell us your story.

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