MGM Resorts International (MGM) announced it has been meeting with opposing attorneys to take the first steps toward creating a settlement process in the series of lawsuits filed against the casino giant for the deaths, injuries and damages caused by the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting.

In the Forbes articleMGM Resorts and Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Move Toward Mediation,” Partner Patrick McNicholas, who represents 200 claimants against MGM, commented on the complicated negotiations ahead. “I’m cautiously optimistic it will work out. It seems in the interest of everyone,” McNicholas said. “Everybody recognizes it’s a horrific event. Hopefully, MGM recognizes it’s in their best interest to get resolution and move on. Still, there’s a lot of unknowns at this time.”

Dozens of lawyers are currently assigned to the case, but McNicholas noted that only “six or less on the plaintiff side” can remain to create the mediation framework. “It’s like negotiating the SALT treaty, you can’t get anything done with a lot of people in the room.”

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