Class Actions

The loud roar of a group of individuals can make a bigger statement than the timid voice of one. Class action lawsuits are significant to our legal system, allowing a group of people with similar grievances against the same person or group to come together and seek justice for a similar resolution, even if the alleged actions of wrongdoing took place at different times. This often saves the clients’ time and money as well as provides a substantial support system for victims of the same circumstance. Part of the great success rate of a well-developed class action lawsuit is the opportunity to lend a larger voice to what could otherwise be an overlooked issue. Class action lawsuits give civilians a chance to make a stand against large insurance companies and industry giants with deep pockets. Class action lawsuits can vary and may include consumer fraud, slumlords, labor and wage disputes and product liability.

Class action cases can take on many forms, such as worker’s wages, hourly violations, consumer product concerns and improper business transactions.

McNicholas & McNicholas have the experience, resources and track record of success to handle all different types of class action lawsuits, including consumer fraud, work-related grievances, product liability and personal injury.

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