As reported by ABC7, FOX11, Univision and KFI Radio, Senior Lawyer Doug Winter and Partner Matthew McNicholas filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles on behalf of a Los Angeles Police Department sergeant who was allegedly prohibited from speaking Spanish in his role as a media spokesman.

Sgt. Frank Preciado, a 22-year department veteran who continues to work in LAPD’s media relations unit, alleges that his superiors ordered him not to speak Spanish in the workplace and that Spanish television newscasts were turned off in the media office, making it nearly impossible for him to do his job working with the Spanish-speaking media.

In his interview with ABC7, Winter noted that, in this situation, “Such a directive, an English-only directive, not only violates California law, but it effectively shuts out almost 40% of the public from getting the news that they get through Spanish-speaking media.”

The complaint alleges that when Preciado complained, he faced retaliation, including responsibilities being taken away; no longer being allowed to be in the rotation as a public information officer; and effectively prohibited from doing the job that he was required to do.

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