Employment and Civil Rights

Employment and civil rights in the workplace include fair and equitable treatment of all employees regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability or age. The attorneys of McNicholas & McNicholas are advocates for all public and private employees who deserve fair treatment, equitable pay per position and the right to perform their job without abuse, neglect or harm.

In particular, McNicholas & McNicholas has built a reputation as one of California’s leading attorneys representing law enforcement, including police officers and firefighters, who have suffered racial and sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation. As Panel Counsel to the Los Angeles Police Protective League and United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, the firm works in conjunction with unions, serving as a passionate advocate for law enforcement officials who dedicate their lives to protecting our country.

In a high-profile victory, McNicholas & McNicholas represented an LAPD officer who was fired from the department due to false accusations by another agency while he was helping his wife with a flat tire. He allegedly became belligerent and unruly with the other officers who were on the scene. Our firm obtained a favorable verdict on behalf of our client and returned him to his former position on the force, which was exceptionally difficult as the LAPD rarely reinstates a police office after being terminated.

The attorneys of McNicholas & McNicholas have the reputation, resources and resolve to stand up against large municipal organizations from the State of California to the City of Los Angeles. We understand the company, local, state and federal guidelines which are established to protect employees while on the job, including fair wages, hours worked and additional benefits.

Employment and civil rights attorneys of McNicholas & McNicholas have extensive experience protecting employee rights in the workplace.

The employment and civil rights attorneys of McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP represent victims of employment discrimination and strive to get you the compensation you deserve so that you do not have to continue working in a hostile work environment. Contact our firm today at 866.664.3055.