Matthew McNicholas and Patrick McNicholas Ranked in National Law Journal’s 2020 Employment Law Trailblazers

Partners Matthew McNicholas and Patrick McNicholas were selected to National Law Journal’s 2020 Employment Law Trailblazers list for their repeated successes in some of the most significant and challenging labor and employment cases, many of which have major implications for employment law in California and across the country.

The partners’ notable achievements include their groundbreaking suit against a group of popular retailers who required employees to report to work and be “on-call” without receiving on-call pay. The case involves a class of thousands of current and former retail employees who had gone years without receiving proper compensation for their time. The case has already created ripples around California, disrupting a nearly century-old wage and labor policy.

In an interview with National Law Journal, Matthew discussed his predictions for the future of law enforcement employment cases. “In this country we run police departments as paramilitary organizations … which creates a system of management that most are not used to,” he said. “So these employment problems will percolate to the floor in one form or another.”

Patrick also predicted a steady flow of employees seeking relief from outdated or questionable employment practices, such as the practice of on-call scheduling. His recent landmark decision in defense of a class of current and former employees subjected to the practice highlighted his dedication to seeking justice for employees across the state. “California has become a national leader for laws that protect employees,” he said. “It’s been an exciting area to practice in.”

Each year, the National Law Journal recognizes U.S.-based attorneys that have made their mark on the practice, policy and technological advancements of their sector. The publication highlights true agents of change in the legal world.

Read Matthew and Patrick’s profiles here (page 27).

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